Oscilloscope not auto ranging as expected

Auto range scale in oscilloscope view seems to just be at a fixed value. Is this a known issue?
The current range on the Joulescope is set at auto.

UI version 1.0.29

Hi @TR-elwatch ! Yes, this is a known issue that is fixed by 932ad1c. This fix will be in the next official release, likely in the next week or so.

The problem is that UI 1.0.29 and earlier determine the y-axis range using the min & max lines, even when they are not shown. I can’t see for sure in the provided image, but it looks like you have set Min/Max to off. In this case, the y-axis range needs to be determined by the average signal alone.

Ah, okay. Thanks! Then i will be looking forward to the next release :smiley:

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