Poll: Custom front panel connections

If you horizontally orient and horizontally align them all in one column, wouldn’t you still have better finger access to all of them by grasping the sides?

Also, I think you misunderstand what I mean by “vertical”. I mean a vertical mount connector rather than a right-angle connector. The link in my last reply should clarify. A “vertical” phoenix style connector would have wires coming out of the screen relative to your image, in the same way that every other joulescope front panel connector works, and the way the JST and 0.100" header connectors on your panel would also work.

I’m not sure that’s better than having access to three or four sides. My limited experience of JSTs is that they can be quite stiff.

Sorry, I didn’t misunderstand with that layout, I just wanted to see what it would look like. Here’s something closer to what I think you meant:

@mliberty you’ve been thinking about this HW for waaay longer than any of us. What are your thoughts on wire/connector layouts and orientations.

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I don’t have any strong preferences when it comes to front panel cable “flow” since that depends upon the application. For the front panels to date, I have tried to keep cables coming out horizontally either out the sides (USB front panel) or out the front (all other front panels). Many terminal blocks are at 45° diagonal or up/down, so keep that in mind. Also locate the terminal block so that physically larger terminal blocks components do not interfere with the light pipe. For example, the 277-6722-ND previously requested by @Philip appears bigger than the footprint (did not check actual dimensions though).

Another consideration: for lowest voltage drop, especially for the higher current-capacity connectors, you want to keep distances as short as possible.

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Yep, that’s a beast! Not sure it would be able to share with all the others, although perhaps you could use the same PCB and have “either or” with the big one or the range of smaller ones. To accommodate that connector, the 5.08mm holes would probably only support a sideways cable orientation.

@Philip are you a Kicad user and would you be willing to knock up a footprint for that connector you referenced?