UI USB Indicator 0.4.6

@mliberty, I see the “USB” indicator in the lower right of the 'scope view turning from green to red or yellow for short periods. Just now it turned red and the 'scope display froze.

I had to disconnect the JouleScope to get it working again.

Hi @SidPrice,

I just released the Joulescope UI 0.5.0 software which (along with the firmware update) addresses a bunch of USB connectivity issues. You will be prompted to download & install it the next time you launch the Joulescope UI. Could you upgrade? Let me know if you still see this issue.

The USB indicator color indicates dropped samples. With no dropped samples, it is green. Above 0.1% dropped samples, it is red. Everything else is yellow. Source code here. Dropped samples can also be caused by your computer going off and doing things or by too much traffic across USB. Joulescope works best when plugged directly into your computer (no USB hubs including docks).

Hi @mliberty, I downloaded 0.5.0 and the firmware was updated.

First I do my development in a virtual machine (VMWare), I connected the JS directly to the computer and still saw yellow indications, so, I have installed the UI on the host Windows 10 x64 machine and so far it has remained solid green.

Although I do like to keep my host computer “clean” of dev tools this is really not a big issue, especially if it makes JS more reliable.

Thanks, Sid

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Great! I’ll mark this as solved by not running in the VM. I could implement USB isochronous mode (Joulescope uses bulk mode transfers now), which would probably do better traversing into the VM. For now, running on the host computer is recommended.

If you see any cases where Joulescope stops receiving data, please let me know. Posting the associated log from C:\Users{username}\AppData\Local\joulescope\log would be very helpful.