X axis division labels

Would it be possible to change the x axis division labels to something more akin to those used in Saleae’s Logic?

For example, at this scale it isn’t an issue, it’s clear to see that the divisions period markers are spaced at 100ms:

but when zoomed in it becomes more difficult to quickly identify the division periods due to increasing number of digits, here being 20us (had to double check that before typing):

Whereas something like Logic uses the two scales so you can quickly identify the division periods:

A lot of the time I’ve actually zoomed in too far but it takes a moment to realise as I find that I have to double check what the markers are before realising that it’s a difference in 4th decimal place to work out the period.


Thanks for the recommendation @haly-tom! I am a big fan of the Saleae Logic products. Adding the relative timescale along with the existing absolute timescale is a great idea.