Feature request: Naming marker flags

The dual marker options are great. As I’ve said to you before @mliberty, placing dual horizontal markers at 10% and 90% of a current transient and dual vertical markers at the point where the current crosses them is a great way to characterise current source transient response.

Currently they have alphanumeric identifiers (e.g. 1a and 1b, 2, 3a and 3b). It would be helpful if I could add a short text to those labels when I click on the flags, so I can describe the feature when I’m zoomed right out. For example “suspect oscillation” or “slow rise”. Then, when scanning a longer file it will help navigate to the flagged features much more easily, rather than having to keep a separate record that correlates the alphanumeric flag identifier with a waveform feature description. It may be a minor inconvenience but a nice touch if it was an option.

I realise you are uber busy and that the UI is not due for refresh just yet but thought I should register the request for when the time comes, if resources allow. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the input @simonmerrett ! I understand the request, and I created issue #141. Do you envision having this text near the marker labels (like 1a), and/or with each signal?

For the time being, you can add a separate text annotation with your custom text.

For reference, the rise/fall time feature @simonmerrett mentions in the first paragraph is #140.

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Was thinking at the flag, such as under/over the flag ID or next to it after a colon. Text annotation will fine in the meantime, thanks!

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