Graph refresh issue/statistics

Windows 10, UI 0.9.2, driver 0.9.1

Small but misleading issue
I run a live capture on oscilloscope, then stop capture (either with button or space bar). Spike is at 29.4s
It probably miss a refresh at stop time, because if I zoom in, zoom out, I got this
Spike is before 29.4s
This not always the same deviation, sometimes it do not move at all.
Statistics uses internal data, and are false.
A zoom/unzoom correct things (on same image as I’mn not allowed to post more than 3 images)

Here error is obvious on average value, but in some cases it can be misleading …

Hi @emmanuel and welcome to the forum! Thank you for taking the time to document and report this issue. I confirm that I can duplicate the same behavior:

I agree with your conclusion that the waveform is not redrawn when you stop streaming. The statistics for single and dual markers are always computed on the underlying data. As you noted, they will not match the waveform in this case since the waveform is “wrong” (not updated based upon the latest data).

For now, the workaround is to force a redraw by panning or zooming the display.

See issue #109. We will fix this issue in the next release.

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